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Hi, I'm Aga Nowak!

My name is Aga Nowak, I am 46 years old and I live in Milan. My great passion for wellbeing and natural facial rejuvenation has led me to study and practice face yoga techniques and to create the original FaceUp by Aga Nowak facial gymnastics method.

This challenge started 6 years ago and triggered a great inner and outer change in me – In English, Face up means “to face” – which, in addition to taking my face back in time by rejuvenating it and keeping my skin supple and healthy, ignited the desire to help other women to do the same, using my hands and heart: passion and research have created the work that I now do every day. Thus began my beautiful adventure of rebirth.

How FaceUp was born

A few years ago, shortly after I turned 40, looking in the mirror, I began to see more and more signs of aging and fatigue on my face. The dull complexion, my skin becoming less toned every day and the “softer” oval created a “sad” expression, and my usual beauty routine, even when combined with expensive products, was no longer effective. So, drawing on my great passion for natural care and well-being and thanks to my many years of experience in the field of massages and face manual lifting, I created the FaceUp method.

Before teaching my method to other women, I practiced these techniques for a long time on myself and, extremely satisfied with the results I obtained, I decided to share with as many women as possible this philosophy that has become a lifestyle and an act of love for myself: taking beauty into my own hands without entrusting it to others. This experience was the engine of my profound change: do what I do, train with me, take care of yourself every day!!

This is the FaceUp by Aga Nowak™ 46 years method, also known as "4 Steps in 4 Weeks"

My path of study and research



I attend The International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy.
In 2013 I started studying Facial Reflexology and Manual Face Lifting, exploring the various topics at many schools in Italy and abroad. After years of training and practice and having broadened my knowledge in the field of face care, I selected the best techniques from those I had learned, combining them together to create something new and even more.

- The International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy (2013)
- Japanese Face Lifting level I & II - Lone Sorensen International Institute (2015)
- Maia Krauze International Reflexotherapy Studio (2017)


I create the FaceUp by Aga Nowak method
In 2017 I created the FaceUp by Aga Nowak method (4 Steps in 4 Weeks), which for the first time combines manual lifting with facial gymnastics. It was a success! I held courses in Milan, personally teaching the FaceUp method. I liked to pass on this method to other women and the importance of combining facial muscle training with self-massage. By touching the face with attention and love, we take care of our state of well-being and inner strength, slow down the aging process and reduce wrinkles. Our image improves, putting us in a good mood and giving us more confidence and self-esteem.

- Kobido Spa Academy Lifting Massage (2018)
- Sculptural Lifting - Yakov Gershkovich Method (2019)


The FaceUp method is finally online!
The FaceUp method is finally online! In 2019, with the aim of giving all interested women the opportunity to take care of their face in a serious, effective and 100% natural way, I decided to make my exclusive facefitness method available online too. Every time a woman rediscovers her beauty and derives well-being from it, I know I've made the right choice.

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