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The Più Bella online course

Join the revolution of facelifting!

Più Bella Course

Get ready to change your face. Are you ready?
Train by performing the 4 Steps of the “FaceUpper by Aga Nowak” method in a single session and in the right order.
Follow the steps of the “Più Bella“ course.

The "Più Bella" course consists of the following steps:
- Awakening
- Warming Up
- Exercises
- Relax

- How to apply face cream
- Ball massage
- Jade Roller massage
- Gua-Sha


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FaceUp - By Aga Nowak

Reborn with the FaceUpper by Aga Nowak method

The 100% natural face lifting can only be achieved with the FaceUpper by Aga Nowak method, the most effective, complete and fun holistic method for doing facial yoga, manual lifting and self-massage.

The joy and satisfaction of rejuvenating naturally, with quick and evident results: just as gymnastics and massages tone and relax the body, facial gymnastics and face massages tone and relax the face, strengthening and relaxing the muscles that create the structure that supports the skin. The result will be a toned, rejuvenated and bright face, giving you a quick, tangible, harmonious and surgery-free biological rejuvenation.

Say goodbye to expensive cosmetics, fillers and heavy make-up!

What are you waiting for? Join the FaceUpper® Club!

FaceUp - By Aga Nowak
FaceUp by Aga Nowak corso online massaggio facciale

The benefits of the FaceUpper facial massage course

Aga Nowak - FaceUp

Firms up the double chin and improves the oval of the face

Brighter look, bigger and more open eyes

Firm and full cheeks with lift-up effect

Fuller and more voluminous lips

Younger look and fewer expression lines

Stress relief, improves your mood


Why you are going to fall in love with FaceUpper by Aga Nowak

Perchè ti innamorerai di FaceUp

My results

Before teaching my method to other women, I practiced these techniques for a long time on myself and, extremely satisfied with the results I obtained, I decided to share with as many women as possible this philosophy that has become a lifestyle and an act of love for myself: taking beauty into my own hands without entrusting it to others.

The before and after of the FaceUppers

How does FaceUpper work?

Taking Aga Nowak’s Facial yoga class is super easy!
Just follow the steps by clicking on the link that will be emailed to you to log in after purchasing the course.

Log in on your smartphone, tablet or computer

Sign up for the course with your email address

Pay conveniently Online

Click on the Link that will be sent to your e-mail address

Start taking the course!

Come funziona FaceUp by Aga Nowak

Check out the before and after of people who have tried the facial gymnastics method FaceUpper by Aga Nowak

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